An Odyssey Across the End of the World!

An Adventure that begins after everything ends...

Now, All 3 Books: The Old Man and the Wasteland, The Savage Boy and The Road is a River collected into one Omnibus!

A suspenseful odyssey into the dark heart of post-apocalyptic America in this three-part adventure

Forty years after a devastating thermonuclear Armageddon, mankind has been reduced to sal-vaging the ruins of a broken world. In a style that’s part Hemingway and part Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, The Wasteland Saga chronicles the struggle of the Old Man, his granddaughter, and a mysterious boy as they try to survive the savage lands of this new American Dark Age.

With the words of the Old Man’s most prized possession—a copy of Hemingway’s classic The Old Man and the Sea—echoing across the wasteland, they journey into the unknown through three incredible tales of endurance and adventure in a land ravaged by destruction.

The Wasteland Saga comprises Nick Cole’s novels The Old Man and the WastelandThe Savage Boy, and The Road is a River.

I read through Nick Cole's The Savage Boy in one sitting. This follow up to Old Man and the Wasteland is a great addition to the story.


It's a riveting story, brilliantly paced, tragic yet hopeful with as much action to offer as it does emotion and one that not only entertains but provokes thought in all the right places.


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