The Lost Castle eBook (Wyrd Book 4)

The End of the World of continues as three different story lines weave together in a strange apocalypse growing more bizarre and weird with each passing day. Now the survivors must fight off an assault on the “Castle” while Holiday discovers a mysterious edifice rising from the ruins of the Old Marine Base. Meanwhile, Special operator Braddock and what remains of Task Force 19 must fight their way through an apocalyptic zombie inferno as dark forces from another reality hunt them in order to serve a feast to an ancient master. And in the middle of all the chaos, Frank Romano struggles with a secret past as he tries to hold the walls, and the survivors, together against an onslaught of living corpses sent by a mysterious man in black to destroy the last safe place in a world turning into the Wyrd… The Lost Castle continues a story that begins after the end of everything you know.


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